HCCR understands the importance of having a high functioning compliance department comprised of talented and committed individuals. HCCR provides a customized search that ensures the best match of talent with your needs. Our process is personalized, comprehensive and provides a complete solution for recruiting hard to fill compliance positions. HCCR stays involved at every level of the recruiting process.

Prior to initiating a search, HCCR will meet with you personally to help you thoroughly define the position(s) needing to be filled and what you are looking for in an ideal candidate. We will discuss your organization’s mission, values and culture. HCCR will use its unique knowledge of the profession to help you define the ideal client not only from an educational and experience perspective, but also by considering what personal characteristics would be the best fit for your organization. As part of this process, HCCR can help you create or modify any necessary job descriptions.

HCCR will take the criteria established during our meeting and use its extensive network, job boards and social media to identify the most qualified individuals. HCCR will thoroughly interview all potential candidates prior to presenting you with any suggested matches. Once vetted, HCCR will present you with the resume and a written analysis of each potential candidate. This process ensures that you have the opportunity to interview only the most qualified candidates.

After presenting you with potential candidates, HCCR will work closely with designated staff to coordinate phone and/or on-site interviews. HCCR will illicit feed both from you and potential candidates to determine if there is a desire to move forward with the process. Once it is time to make an offer, HCCR will bring its knowledge of the market and industry to negotiate fair and acceptable terms for both parties.


Health care compliance is a newer career field, and the demand for experienced individuals exceeds the supply of those available. Moreover, we recognize that many organizations prefer to train and promote talent from within. In recognition of both these factors, Health Care Compliance Recruiting offers a mentoring program geared towards developing internal staff that have many of the requisite skills for positions in compliance, but lack the knowledge and/or current experience. Our programs are tailored to meet each organization’s needs, but include personal on-site training and development on a variety of topics and skills, including but not limited to, developing and implementing a compliance program, a review of applicable laws, and reporting to senior management and Board committees.

Interim Staffing

Health Care Compliance Recruiting can help you staff compliance positions on an interim basis if needed while recruiting for permanent positions.