About Us

Mission Statement

Health Care Compliance Recruiting (HCCR) matches the most qualified candidates with health care clients seeking to fill important compliance positions. We do this using our unique, knowledgeable and focused capabilities.

What makes HCCR different?

We are Unique
HCCR is the only recruiting firm that addresses the needs of the health care compliance industry exclusively. Additionally, while many recruiting firms work to place individuals only in high-level positions, HCCR understands how important it is to have qualified individuals at every level in a compliance department. Our in-depth knowledge of the day-to-day needs and operations of compliance departments distinguishes us from other recruiting firms.

Breadth and Depth of Knowledge
HCCR’s founder, Beth DeLair, has more than 17 years’ direct experience in the health care compliance industry. This includes managing and directing compliance staff as both an in-house employee and as a consultant in interim compliance positions. In each of these roles, Beth has helped her clients identify and hire an individual who had not only the right experience, but was also the best fit for the organization. Her intimate knowledge of and extensive experience within the industry allows her to immediately and fully understand client needs and the skill sets potential candidates possess. Building on this foundation, HCCR customizes each search and provides a complete recruiting solution for its clients.

We are Focused
Health care organizations require a high-functioning and cohesive compliance team to address the myriad and complex regulatory environment. However, in today’s talent markets, the demand for individuals with compliance related skills and experience outweighs the supply of qualified candidates. HCCR understands how to locate and attract candidates who have the proven track record of high performance and excellence to meet our client’s needs.